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Pay MSEDCL Bills Online

You don’t need to stand in the queue anymore as online electricity bills payment makes it convenient to do it easily. Several Indian states have already introduced the online bill payment making options and so is the case with Maharashtra which has adopted this latest technology. Various options are available now to make online electricity bill payments. As it is easy and convenient choice to go ahead with making payment large number of people prefer this option through applying different methods including:  

MSEDCL / MSEB portal ( Maharashtra state has the new electricity distribution company named MSEDCL or Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited. It used to work as MSEB or Maharashtra State Electricity Board previously. This renamed distribution company has its own website which is convenient and effective online bill payment portal to make such tasks easy. It facilitates numerous benefits for online electricity bill payment which large chunk of consumers prefer. Consumers simply need to login on this portal to use customer number to make payments online.

Some of the payments modes acceptable now include: Use of Netbanking, Debit Cards & Credit Cards.

Billdesk ( Billdesk is one of the most sought after online bill payment options which offer facility to pay various types of bills including telephone and electricity bills since more than a decade now. Several utilities use such services to pay the bills. It operates through registration of a bank account for that filling a physical form is necessary which is later sent by snail mail for registration in a onetime process to avail such facilities. Once onetime registration completes the registered consumer can pay bills from anywhere in the country. Billdesk keeps sending the notifications while any bill registered is due for payment.

The payment modes acceptable: Processed through bank accounts.

Bill Junction ( All types of online bill payment is possible through Bill Junction which too operates since last ten years now. It is the contemporary of Billdesk and offers competitive service like the later do. Bank account registration is necessary for such online trxdansactions like Billdesk operates. In fact it works in the similar mode like the Billdesk functions.

Payment making modes acceptable: Processed through bank accounts.

Netbanking portals: Nationalized and privates banks like SBI, HDFC, Citibank and IDBI et al offer such facilities to pay bills online. Simply sign up to initiate the pay for online bill payment from any of your bank account to pay MSEDCL bill payment for that account has to be added for such steps. These banks have the services for notification services as well the moment any new bill is to be paid.

Payment paying mode: Netbanking only.