Msedcl Bill Payment

MSEDCL Bill Payment

1.What is the MSEDCL Online Bill Payment Service?

MSEDCL provides an online bill payment services to its customers. It is the easiest and time saving way to pay the bills. The customer needs to switch on the MSEDCL website and pay the bill at the same time online through any card like Master card, VISA card, Debit card or Net Banking Account. A customer has to provide its MSEDCL consumer number and the billing unit in order to pay the bill online and to check the account details. 

2. How do I Access This Service?

The Online Bill Payment service can be accessed at its website given here: View & Pay Bills Online .

3. Who is Eligible to Use This Service?

Any MSEDCL customer can use this service for the online payment of its electricity bills. Only a valid Master credit card, VISA card, Debit card or an NBA is required.

4. How Does This Service Work?

For this MSEDCL online bill payment service, you just have to follow three simple steps:

First Step:

You need to enter your consumer number and the billing unit given on the electricity bill issued by MSEDCL.

Second Step:

  • Now click on the link given as “View and Pay Current Bill”
  • See the detail of your current bill.
  • Click on the link as
    1. Pay by VISA & Master Card   
    2. Pay by Net banking &
    3.Other Cards.

Third Step:

Confirmation of Payment :

  • After clicking on the link   “1. Pay by VISA & Master Card   2. Pay by Net banking & Other Cards”. Now you will choose an option for the mode of your payment such as VISA / Master card Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet banking / Mobile gateway. For an example, if you have opted for “VISA/ Master card”, you will provide the number, expiry date and the security number of that card. Then click on “Pay”. Alternatively, if you have opted for “Net banking and other cards” then a Bill desk Payment Gateway will be shown to you. After this, if you have chosen “Internet Banking” you will need to select a bank and then go to the Bank Gateway to fill the details asked and for payment. Your payment will be made at the gateway and your card will be debited at the same time.
  • After making payment you will get a receipt in the form of Transaction Reference Number for the payment of your bill by VISA or Master Card, Net Banking Account, other Credit Card/Debit Card.
  • After a working day, your bill payment will be added to MSEDCL account and after 3 working days, it will be displayed on the concerned website.

5.What Payment Methods Can I Use For This Service?

There are two methods to use this service.

  • Payment through VISA/ Master card
  • Payment through Net Banking Account ( with any nationalized or corporate bank such as Allahabad Bank, Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, etc.)

6. Do I Have To Pay The Entire Bill Amount?

Yes, you have to pay the total amount given on the bill.

7. Do I Get A Confirmation of The Payment That I Have Made?

After making each payment you will get a receipt stating the Transaction Reference Number for your card.

8. Are my transactions safe?

The foremost priority is given to the security of the personal and financial information of the accounts of our customers. We at MSEDCL Online Bill Payment service ensure our customers to provide them with the best security for safe transactions of their accounts.

The MSEDCL Online Bill Payment service is working with HDFC Bank and Bill desk.

HDFC : Each payment done by our customers is completely safe because of the diligence put by the banks.

  • The verification of VISA and Master card is authenticated three times during the complete transactional process.  
  • The SSL and PCIDSS certified page of Payment gateway ensures the security of the customer’s data.

Bill Desk: The 128-bit SSL technology used by Bill desk provides protection from the illegal hacking of the consumer’s account details. The SSL promises that the information given or received by the consumer is completely safe and it cannot be  seen by the unauthorized links on internet.

VeriSign Inc. known as the best security provider for websites, has certified Bill desk.

9. Do I Have to Pay Any Service Fee?

No. The MSEDCL provides free service to its consumers for the online bill payment.

10. Can I make payment after due date from my VISA or MasterCard Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking Account?

Sorry, you cannot make any payment as the due date is over for the MSEDCL Bill Payment service.

11. When Can I See My Payments Reflecting In My Account?

The detail of your payment will be displayed after 3 working days on the website. You can check the details by following the given link “View Online Payment History”.

12. Can I make payments of any amount from my VISA or MasterCard Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking Account?

Yes. Any amount of payment can be made by the consumer through VISA, Master credit or debit card as per the limitations providaed by the issuing bank on that card and from Net Banking Account as assigned by the bank.